My Self-Confidence Booster

IMG_2060Other than my hair and my weight, my biggest self-confidence booster has been joining SeneGence. I had joined with a skin care company before and swore to myself I would never join one again. It just wasn’t for me. Then SeneGence came into my life via LipSense, and I thought to myself, if this lip color can last 12 hours or more on my lips, I wonder what the skin care can do. So I only signed up to get the discount on all my products.

Come to find out, my friends wanted to try everything as well, so that is how I began sharing SeneGence and I haven’t looked back since.

SeneGence skin care was the very first skin care I had ever used that actually changed my skin for the better, and I’ve tried A LOT of expensive department store and direct sales regimes. The texture changed, the color changed, and the hydration changed. I do attribute a lot of it to my habit of washing my face in the morning and in the evening, but also, the fact that our MAKE UP also has our anti-aging ingredients in it, I am treating my face 24/7! I look at myself in the morning and I’m proud of where I am at and I am proud of the skin I have. That in itself is a HUGE confidence builder. Your skin is the first thing people see.

When I joined, I had to pay $55, which to me was a drop in the bucket to get a 20-50% discount on my products. This month only, SeneGence is being super generous and offering to waive the sign up fee! That means you get to join for FREE! There is no catch, no fine print, it’s literally FREE! If you’d like more information, please fill out the form on the Contact page and I will get right back to you! If you are ready to start trying all that SeneGence has to offer, click HERE to find more information and sign up. You can use my Distributor ID 197849 as your Sponsor. I’m here to help and guide you in any way that you need. And I’m not annoying, I promise!


The Secret to Young-Looking Skin


Remember the feeling of your skin when you were younger? So smooth, no dry areas, smaller pores? Now compare that to the skin you have now. Do you see fine lines, wrinkles, dry spots, enlarged pores, does it have a rough feeling? One of the biggest things that changes as we grow older is new skin cells don’t come to the surface as fast as they did when we were kids! When we were young, our skin was “rejuvinating” itself all the time. Now, our new plump skin cells don’t come to the surface as often, so that means fine lines and wrinkles.

What Seneplex Complex does is rush new skin cells to the surface 23.3% FASTER THAN NORMAL! Did you hear me? FASTER! That means, with continued use, your skin gets closer and closer to the look and feel of younger skin. Seneplex Complex is a kinetic enyze that affects the way cells grow from the bottom layers of the skin to the top. SenePlex Complex is the SECRET behind our skin care and our pigmented skin care (makeup). The most amazing thing is that you are treating your skin 24 hours a day, because you can find SenePlex Complex in everything we carry, except Lipsense and Linersense!IMG_4439

5 Myths About Oily Skin


Photo by Alexandra Gorn on Unsplash

It’s funny how you always hear, “I have oily skin” or “There is oil on my forehead and nose, therefore, I have oily skin”. Nothing is further from the truth. True oily skin means that your entire face is shiny and oily feeling. You may or may not have blemishes, visible discoloring, and enlarged pores.

Growing up with oily skin, I have tried so many different things and found out oily skin isn’t always what you think it is. Here are 5 Myths about oily skin.

Myth #1 – I shouldn’t use moisturizer.

WRONG! In fact, when you use moisturizer, it tricks  your face into thinking that it needs to product LESS oil because your face is being hydrated. Did you know that people with oily skin tend to have dehydrated skin, because they aren’t moisturizing enough? True story!

Myth #2 – Eating foods high in fat makes your skin oily.

Not even close. There are no studies that prove that eating foods high in fat makes your skin oil. Oily skin is the result of an excessive amount of sebum being produced by large sebaceous glands. So that chocolate cake or greasy pizza doesn’t do it.

Myth #3 – Using alcohol-based skin products will take the oiliness away.

Nope. In fact, this will dry out your skin and make it even more oily! Yes, the immediate feeling of non-oily skin may be nice, but in reality, your skin is going to work harder to produce more oil since you just dried it out!

Myth #4 – Sunscreen makes skin more oily.

Sunscreen that we remember as kids was greasy and heavy, but we have come a long way, my dear! Today’s sunscreen, especially for faces, is light, hydrating, and doesn’t feel like you are lathering Crisco on your face! I love the Color Correcting Tinted Moisturizer that comes in Light, Medium, and Dark. It adapts to your skin tone once you put it on and has a mechanical shield that is equivalent to 15 SPF. I also put regular Day time Moisturizer on and that is equivalent to 15 SPF, so I get a total protection of 30 SPF!

Myth #5 – Oily skin means acne.

Not always. I have oily skin and also had bad acne when I was a teenager. However, I still have oily skin, but very rarely do I get a blemish. If I do, I use Spot-On Treatment and it’s usually gone within a day or two. So just because you have oily skin doesn’t mean you are going to break out for the rest of your life. Just means that you need to make sure you are taking care of your skin a little more carefully than most.

What other myths have you heard about oily skin?