The Secret to Young-Looking Skin


Remember the feeling of your skin when you were younger? So smooth, no dry areas, smaller pores? Now compare that to the skin you have now. Do you see fine lines, wrinkles, dry spots, enlarged pores, does it have a rough feeling? One of the biggest things that changes as we grow older is new skin cells don’t come to the surface as fast as they did when we were kids! When we were young, our skin was “rejuvinating” itself all the time. Now, our new plump skin cells don’t come to the surface as often, so that means fine lines and wrinkles.

What Seneplex Complex does is rush new skin cells to the surface 23.3% FASTER THAN NORMAL! Did you hear me? FASTER! That means, with continued use, your skin gets closer and closer to the look and feel of younger skin. Seneplex Complex is a kinetic enyze that affects the way cells grow from the bottom layers of the skin to the top. SenePlex Complex is the SECRET behind our skin care and our pigmented skin care (makeup). The most amazing thing is that you are treating your skin 24 hours a day, because you can find SenePlex Complex in everything we carry, except Lipsense and Linersense!IMG_4439