Noom Journey- Week 3

The first 2 weeks of Noom are in the books. It’s amazing what logging your meals can do for your brain. When you realize that those cupcakes you love are actually around 780 calories and your daily calorie budget is 1200, you rethink the cupcake. I like that I don’t feel guilty when I a have a few slices of pizza, because I know that the rest of the day I ate healthy, filling foods. Weight loss has been up and down, but steadily going down for the past 2 weeks and it makes me happy and proud that I’ve stuck it out for this long (2 weeks is long for me). I’ve already lost 4 pounds.

I’ve found a few of my favorite meals so far.

Breakfast: Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal with strawberries, Strawberries and Cottage Cheese, Peaches and cottage cheese, 2 scrambled eggs with Sara Lee Delightful 45 Wheat Toast.

Snacks: Grapes, pickles, Banana and peanut butter on bread

Lunch: Whole wheat tortilla wrap with deli turkey, pickle spear, and mustard, Spinach saled with croutons, mushrooms, and Fat Free Thousdand Island dressing

Dinner: Buritto bowls, Tostada with fat free refried beans, Baked potato with Fat free greek yogurt (substituted for sour cream), baked chicken

My free 14 day trial period for Noom ended yesterday, so today I was charged $129 for the next four months. That’s $32.25 per month, so not too bad to make myself some new habits and lose weight.

I will continue to post weekly about how I’m doing.


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